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A&M Activist Alert

April 15, 2019
Shareholder activism is significantly increasing in Europe. Indeed, research by Alvarez and Marsal (A&M) has found that the number of activist approaches in the UK and Germany grew faster than in North America during the first three quarters of 2016.
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Activists Set Their Sights on Continental Europe

April 15, 2019
While U.K. remains top European market for activism, Germany and France are increasingly at risk Industrials and Technology identified as key sectors at risk, while Consumer firms continue to fall out of favour.
Business & Industry Insights

Does Cloud Mean the Private Data Center is Dead?

April 9, 2019
Should all companies move to the cloud? In this new article, A&M’s Adam Richards discusses the technological changes that have allowed public cloud solutions to compete with private data centers (DCs) and explores the cost advantages and disadvantages of both public cloud solutions and private DCs.